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The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) has selected American Water Resources, LLC (AWR) to provide optional Home Protection Programs to AMAC members.

Understanding the responsibilities and potential costs you may face as a homeowner is more important than ever. Property owners may be responsible for repairing the water and sewer lines running through their property or the water and wastewater lines inside their homes. Standard homeowners insurance policies typically do not cover repairs to your service lines, which can leave you with unexpected service line and plumbing repair costs.

Peace of mind for unexpected repairs

AWR was selected by AMAC because of our exceptional customer service, program coverage, and proven track record in protecting homeowners across the country. AWR currently provides over 1.8 million protection programs to homeowners in 43 states and Washington, D.C. 

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Exclusions, limitations and eligibility requirements apply. Terms and Conditions available at AWRUSA.com/terms. Programs only available in select states. AWR does business in Florida as American Water Resources of Florida and in Texas as American Water Resources of Texas.

Repair costs may exceed the amount of the Program's limit of protection. In such cases, homeowners must pay the difference between the cost of the repair and the Program's limit of protection. A $50 service fee applies for sewer line and in-home plumbing repairs only when a contractor is dispatched to your home. The programs do not cover issues occurring before your coverage effective date. Your enrollment begins the day AWR processes your enrollment form. Your coverage effective date and protection under the program begins 30 days after your enrollment date.

American Water Resources is a trademark of American Water and used under license, but is not owned by American Water. As such, AWR’s optional programs are not provided or guaranteed by American Water or its affiliates, and any changes in AWR’s prices are not determined or controlled by American Water or its affiliates.

Available Products

Sewer Line Protection
Water Line Protection
In-Home Plumbing Emergency Protection

A repair to your sewer line is not only frustrating and time-consuming; it can be costly (and many times, it's not covered by your homeowners insurance). With our Sewer Line Protection Program, you could be protected from unexpected sewer line repair bills and hassles.

When the water line servicing your home leaks or breaks, you could be left with a headache and potentially expensive repairs. But with the Water Line Protection Program offered by AWR, covered repairs would be handled with 1 phone call. Problem solved.

When you're enrolled in the In-Home Plumbing Emergency Program from AWR, our experts will take care of the issue.  If you experience a covered repair, we’ll handle the problem, and also the costs within our generous coverage limits. Get protected from unexpected expenses and hassles with AWR.

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